Project Purpose and Need

Arizona Electric Power Cooperative (AEPCO) is embarking on an action plan to develop new power resources to diversify its portfolio, improve reliability and flexibility, and to reduce its carbon footprint. As a community-based, democratic, not-for-profit provider of power, transmission, and energy services, AEPCO’s transition plan is founded on its core mission: to provide reliable power and value-added services to member electric cooperatives and public power utilities—and the communities they serve—at the lowest possible cost. The first phase of AEPCO’s action plan focuses on an initiative at its existing power plant, which was first developed in 1961. It will expand its renewable resource portfolio with a large photovoltaic solar installation with battery storage, and it will develop two efficient, fastramping, natural gas peaking units to help modernize its fleet for increasing renewable integration and to meet the requirements of evolving energy markets. These new resources will be sited at AEPCO’s Apache Generating Station in Cochise, Arizona, will use existing natural gas and transmission infrastructure, and will be operated and maintained by AEPCO’s existing labor force.